Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Winners Announced: Secret Santa's Indie Book Giveaway

~~ Santa is giving out his surprise gifts ~~

Congratulations to all the lucky entrants for winning a fabulous Indie Book from #IndieBooksBeSeen Indie Book Giveaway.

Name Author Indie Book  Format
Alain Brix-Nielsen Chess  Desalls Travel Glasses ebook
Amanda Beaty Cleo DeLancey Keiran the Pirate paperback
Angela K. Naff Valerie Kinney Just Hold On ebook
Bee Love Ed Ireland The Last Ranger of Sarn and Blood Moon Sacrifice ebook set
Bethany jennifer gibson Sway ebook
Bob Frank Heather Day Gilbert Miranda Warning ebook or paperback
Boyd Jamison Patrena Miller She's Not Worthy ebook or paperback
Carol Cassada JC Brennan A Fine Line paperback
Casey Wurster Renee N. Meland The Extraction List  
Crissy Moss Pete Buckley The Colonel of Krasnoyarsk ebook
Danielle Petersen Mark Shaw The Keeper of the Wind  
Elizabeth Chang Adrienne Thompson Your Love is King ebook
Dannie Ashcroft McClain J.S. Snow Redemption  
David Spell Wesley Morrison Let No False Angels ebook or paperback
Dianne Bylo jennifer gibson Compas ebook
DM Cain Robert A Palmer Relyk  
Douglas Mikey Campling Trespass The Darkeningstone
Emily CK Dawn Cloak of Shadows ebook or paperback
Errin Stowell DB Nielsen SEED: Keepers of Genesis I ebook or paperback
Erth Diana Hardin Ash Krafton Bleeding Hearts  
Gabrielle Compolongo Wodke Hawkinson Betrayed (18+) ebook
Gail Fuhlman Beachbodycoach A.T. Russell Sacred Puppies  
Yaritza Santana Rose Montague Jade  
Gemma Sharp Clare Watkinson Impossible Princess  
Gia  Echo Fox Wave Singers ebook
H. R. Kasper Paul David Chambers Manners Cost Everything
HaveBooks WillSurvive Christy Heron Unrequited  
Holly Letson Suzanne McKenna Link Saving Toby ebook or paperback
Jana Leah Kirby Howell AUTUMN IN THE CITY OF ANGELS ebook (optional local paperback)
Janel Flynn M.E. Walker The Finding  
Jeannie Nora Rochelle Campbell Fury From Hell ebook
Jennifer Abel CJ Morrow The Finder  
Jessica Filippi Zelkovich Mika Jolie The Scale (Martha's Way Series) & Need You Now
Jessica Reads Josephine O'Brien Shared Skies ebook or paperback
Jessica Stout Clara Grace Walker Gossip  
Jill Millman Colleen Gareau My Mothers Summer Vacations paperback
Jo Ann Willard Reinhold Ksenia Anske IRKADURA.  
Jody Faltys Kory M. Shrum Dying by the Hour & Dying for a living ebook or paperback
Johanna Harness Colleen Gareau Sam(uel) paperback
jonathan dixit Jason Pinnington Harry Webb Paperback
Joseph Hawkshaw Echo Fox Earth Drummer ebook
Katie Kitkat Halliday Hj Lawson War Kids  
Keeley Frank Terrick Heckstall The 11th Percent  
Kelly Goode Michelle A.Picarella Livian  
Meghan Christina L. Rozelle The Treemakers  
Kim Anderson jennifer gibson Destiny ebook
Kim T. M Hall Karen Morris Herkes Controlled Descent ebook or paperback
Kristen Noel Peggy M McAloon Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals ebook or paperback
Kylie Kaemke Clara Grace Walker Redemption  
Lori Christensen Kristen Mott Odie the Stray Kitten  
Lorna-Jane Holland Jonathan M. Dixit BabyWorld Paperback
Lyza Jo Boyko Ovcharov Wandering Feelings  
Maggie Plummer Mark Victor Young  Once Were Friends  
Margaret Taylor Mistral Dawn Taken by the Huntsman ebook
Margie Longano Miklas W.M. Calloway The Xenton Chronicles Paperback 
Maria Bradley Robin MartinDuttmann Zoo on the Moon  
Maxine Darling Lacombe Jessica Keller Saving Yesterday ebook or paperback
Melissa Brown Elizabeth Guizzetti Other Systems (16+)  
Melissa Worcester Jacci Turner Bending Willow  
Merelyn Reads Echo Fox Air Riders ebook
Michelle Buxton K.S. Marsden The Shadow Rises ebook or paperback
Micielle Carter D.M. Cain A Chronicle of Chaos  
Mistral Dawn Danielle Prophet The Opposite Of Gravity ebook or paperback
Nancy Jones Patrena Miller The Road ebook or paperback
Netasha Patywich M.J. Fahy The Magpie King paperback
Nina Arnold Lori Crane Oaktibbee Creek  
Olivia Mitchell Wanda Smith Summer Winds  
Olivia Will Kevin Moore The Golden Merra Volume 1
Pat Walker Adam Dreece The Yellow Hoods: Along Came a Wolf (Book 1) ebook or paperback
Patrena Miller LISA The Elemental  
Jennifer Daniels A.S. Washington The Twelve  
Renée Becker Kylie Kaemke Heavy Hearts  
Rhea Baugham Christina McMullen Going Green paperback
Rob Greco Taylor Ann Bunker Witch in the Woods ebook or paperback
Robert Donald Wilson II Cross Roads  
Robin Lythgoe C. L. Schneider The Crown of Stones paperback (optional ebook)
Rose Wallin Dylan J. Morgan The Dead Lands ebook (optional local paperback)
Sara S David P Perlmutter Wrong Place Wrong Time paperback
Sarit Dana-Yahalomi Elena Sandovici Dogs With Bagles ebook or paperback
SB Morales Suzette Brown Alzheimer's Through My Mothers Eyes
Sharyn Gray Lori Lesko Copyright  
Shelley Summers KK Allen The Summer Solstice: Enchanted
Shelly Hammond Neil Winnington Religious Pursuit paperback
Sherry Extine L.A. Starkey Deceived ebook (optional local paperback)
Steph Wild Johanna Harness Spillworthy ebook or paperback
Trisha Balmer Clara Grace Walker Gratification  
Valarie Kinney Jo Bissell Beyond the Reach of Judgement 
veronica Cheri M. Bauer I Am… ebook
Traci Berlanda Troutman Barbara Garren Infinite Potential paperback (two copies)